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TSGCTF2020 Reverse-ing


Even though this is a reversing challenge, I thought I’d try to do the least amount of work and use Angr. Because this was labeled as an easy challenge, writing the angr solve script was also easy.

TSGCTF2020 Beginner’s Crypto


  • Solved after the CTF ended :(
    • I needed to see this post sooner…
    • One of the answers includes an arithmetic version of left and right shift.
  • I need to practice more crypto…

Installing Arch


A little while ago, after I passed my candidacy exam, I had a small burst of confidence. Because of this, I ended up trying to install Arch Linux for the first time since 2014 (when I was in my math undergrad program). Below is the steps I had to take to get there!

PlaidCTF2020 reee


I think this was one of the more easier reversing challenges from PlaidCTF. Regardless, I think it would still be beneficial for me to make this write-up as it is the first time I really used Ghidra instead of IDA on a task.



Did I say I passed my Candidacy Exam? ..well, I passed my Candidacy Exam.

AUCTF2020 Sora


This was another simple reverse engineering task. It can also be found on the CTF hosts website linked in the last post). Lucky for me, I have been trying to learn and incorporate angr more into my workflow.

AUCTF2020 Miyazaki Trivia


I participated in AUCTF 2020, which was hosted by Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club (AUECH). It was designed to be friendly towards new CTFers so I thought I’d take a crack at it over the weekend as part of a smooth transition. I made a team (something to do with coffee) of one and tried some challenges.

Playing CTFs Again


It has really been a while since I have played in a CTF seriously. Really, since starting graduate school, I feel like I have been playing “catch-up” (for various reasons). But, having become much more comfortable and confident in my ability to conduct research and because of the current stay-at-home situation due to COVID-19, I have decided to spend some weekends playing (or reviewing) CTFs.

AFL Basics - 1


What is fuzzing?

Simply put, fuzzing is a technique for testing programs with randomly generated input. This randomization helps us find bugs by providing potentially invalid and corner-case inputs for the target program.

Building a Keyboard


Besides coffee, I have been obsessed with all things workstations (such as desks and chairs). This also includes computer peripherals, my favorite of which being mechanical keyboards.